< What does Plagiarism mean?

What does Plagiarism mean?

Plagiarism is using someone else’s work without giving them proper credit. The person who commits such act would often take the credit for the work done by the original owner. It can also be considered as a fraud because the person who committed plagiarism is giving incorrect information about the source of the content or idea.

In the eyes of the law, Plagiarism is also a form of stealing because you are getting ideas or the intellectual property of the original owner. That is why just like theft, Plagiarism is a serious offense because you are violating the rights of the original owner. Plagiarism is a way of presenting another person’s ideas or words, including researches, inventions, and discoveries without asking for permission nor acknowledging them as the original owner. It is a clear violation of copyrights and also a form of cheating.

Plagiarism is punishable by law, and it has been a big problem on the World Wide Web because of the proliferation of copied content from one website to multiple other. This is why Plagiarism is considered a huge thorn that greatly affects educational institutions, online businesses, and companies all over the world. Because a person can just easily copy any information on the internet. Many are not even aware that Plagiarism is considered as a serious offense and that they can get into trouble when caught. This is also the reason why search engines like Google implemented robots on their algorithm to detect plagiarized copy on different websites. Google can penalize a website with plagiarized content which can also lead to having poor page ranking on search results. Page ranking is very important for search engine optimization because it can help the website to reach its target audience. This free online plagiarism checker can help website owners in making sure that their website is plagiarism-free.