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Why Is Plagiarism Wrong?

Plagiarism – presenting other people's ideas, research, discoveries and words as your own without their consent, nor acknowledging them, is an infringement of copyrights – it's cheating. Plagiarism is an infringement of copyright and is punishable by law. The proliferation of content on virtually every topic on the internet has made plagiarism a menace that torments educational institutions, students, teachers, writers, and researchers. Finding the right anti-plagiarism tool that does a thorough plagiarism test and is reliable, up to date and easy to use is problematic. There are so many websites that advertise best plagiarism checker or best free plagiarism checker that it becomes a daunting and time-consuming effort to find the right anti-plagiarism software. Plagiarism software has been developed to assist in controlling and curbing this illegal activity. Do not take the chance of getting accused of plagiarizing. Plagiarism software is a one-stop solution for students, teachers, academic institutions, and writers as it ticks all the boxes of their particular requirements. Use plagiarism software, and you won't ever search for another plagiarism checker or plagiarism scanner. It’s the best free plagiarism checker available right now.

What Can I Use Plagiarism Software for?

Plagiarism software can be used by anyone who wants to ensure that their written content is plagiarism free. Students who write assignments or anyone who writes and posts content on the internet can unintentionally commit plagiarism. How do people check plagiarism? The easiest solution that they resort to is; to copy/paste the suspected phrase or sentence in a search browser and check it. Search browsers are not anti-plagiarism software and should not be relied on to work as a plagiarism scanner. Search engines do not have access to huge databases that contain books, journal and daily publications such as EBSCOhost and ProQuest. Plagiarism software has access. First, you have to learn how to check plagiarism and to do that you need an easy to use top quality online plagiarism checker. It's quite easy to learn how to check for plagiarism. Write a sentence or phrase written by a well known author and check it on the various online plagiarism checker and plagiarism detector sites. If you have plagiarized from any source, only plagiarism software will pick it up and display it verbatim to what the original author wrote.

Free Plagiarism Software for Students, Teachers & Writers

In academic institutions, teachers need an essay plagiarism checker and an application to check the paper for plagiarism. They would be pleased to get a free plagiarism checker for teachers which does a thorough job and is a trustworthy anti-plagiarism tool. Teachers do not want to get any plagiarism tool which does not do a thorough job. Without an anti-plagiarism software which is hundred percent accurate and checks every assignment against the millions of papers on the internet, teachers cannot check and detect plagiarism in students assignments. Plagiarism software fits teachers requirements who are searching for a plagiarism detector and plagiarism scanner bundled as a free plagiarism checker for teachers. Students fear getting caught plagiarizing, as the penalty imposed can be very severe. They direly need a free online plagiarism checker for students. Students don’t want to pay and get an anti-plagiarism software or a plagiarism checker which does not do a hundred percent accurate plagiarism test. Plagiarism software is a free online plagiarism checker for students who will ensure that their assignments do not contain plagiarism. Students should print a copy of the plagiarism software report. Some instructors may ask for this report; others may not. The menace of plagiarism is so widespread that some academic institutions have decided to allow a certain percentage of plagiarism in students' assignments. To ensure that students have not exceeded the predetermined limit, they need a plagiarism scanner or a plagiarism tool that will have a plagiarism checker percentage scorer in it as well. A reliable plagiarism scanner with a plagiarism checker percentage scorer will solve their particular requirements. Plagiarism software performs multiple functions as an essay plagiarism checker, plagiarism detector, plagiarism scanner, free plagiarism checker for teachers, and free online plagiarism checker for students. It suits all the requirements of people engaged in academics. Content writers and bloggers also require a reliable plagiarism detector and plagiarism scanner application which checks all online sources for plagiarism. What would ideally suit them is the best free plagiarism checker which is free and continuously updated.

How to use Plagiarism Software

It is a free online plagiarism checker. It's the best plagiarism detector and is very easy to use. It does not require any registration or payment or downloading and installing. When you use it you have three options for checking your content for plagiarism:

  • You can copy/paste the text in the text box.
  • Enter the URL of the website page.
  • Enter the path and name of the file on your computer that you want to check.

Once you have selected the text you want to check for plagiarism, click the 'Check Plagiarism' button. Plagiarism software will check the document and return the results. Don’t get worried if it takes a minute or two to run the test. Remember it's doing a complete plagiarism test. If any plagiarism is detected, it will highlight the sentence and display the source from where the sentence has been copied. It also displays the percentage of unique work and plagiarism. It will suit academic institutions, students, and teachers who need plagiarism checker percentage scorer as well as a plagiarism tool that's reliable. It also suits writers as after they use it they are assured that their content does not contain plagiarism. Everyone who writes content for the internet must use plagiarism software to ensure that their work is original.

Remember: There's one limitation; it can only check 1,000 words in one pass. This limitation has been imposed by the developers to keep it manageable and not time-consuming. If you want to check a document that contains more than a thousand words, you will have to copy/paste it in parts and check each slab of content individually.